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Picked up an injury? Hurts when you do something? Maybe you don’t know what you’ve done but something’s not right and you’re looking for a good Physio or Sports Massage.

Welcome to Brighton Sports Therapy.

Our progressive injury treatment combines the very best of Physiotherapy and Sports Massage techniques that are already benefiting our many delighted clients in Brighton and Hove. See our testimonials.

A little different to your traditional Physiotherapy, our progressive Sports Therapy uses a whole body approach which combines pioneering techniques from doctors, Physiotherapists, osteopaths and Sports Massage masters from around the world.

Your injury is unique and at Brighton Sports Therapy we adapt our treatment to get the best possible result for you. In all cases we aim to improve the quality of your life as effectively and quickly as we can.

So, what’s up? Get in touch today. Let’s start making you feel better.

We also provide sports massage in Swindon


Disclaimer: The testimonials on this page are the opinion of a few of our clients. Results to treatment cannot be guaranteed. We can guarantee we’ll be doing everything we can get you back to your best ASAP.

Conditions Progressive Physiotherapy Can Help You With

Here is a list of conditions we’ve helped many of people with in the past. Why not be one of them? If previous physiotherapy, or any other kind of treatment has failed try this new approach. We combine the best of traditional physio with muscle activation – an amazing way of changing muscles that were tight and weak into muscles that are strong and healthy in a matter of minutes. That combined with a new way of looking at the interactions of the muscles through the entire body gives you a uniquely effective way of getting your injury under control and feeling less pain.

Everyone is different and physiotherapists’ treatments in Brighton and Hove should be tailored accordingly – every person and condition is different and at Brighton Sports Therapy we adapt our treatment to get the best possible result for you. Click the links for further information on some of the conditions we can help with:

From the Blog – latest info from the world of Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy

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Progressive Sports And Physiotherapy Influences

Our Progressive Sports and Physiotherapy has evolved as a result of our constant drive to better serve you our clients and give you better results. Over 15 years of practical experience and tireless research into the world of Physiotherapy has gone into developing our Progressive treatments. Underpinned by the simple desire to improve the quality of life for the people of Brighton and Hove. The pioneering combination influences we use come from doctors, Physiotherapists and osteopaths around the world. We’d like to thank them for their inspiration:

NOI Group

World Leaders in understanding Pain Science

Dr Ida Rolf

Years ahead of the rest of the Physiotherapy world in understanding the complexities of the human body

Anatomy Trains

Dr Thomas Myers – Pioneer in our understanding of all things Myofascial

British Journal Of Sports Medicine

Keeping us up to date with the latest research from Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine

Our therapists are registered with The Chartered Society Of Physiotherapy or The Society Of Sports Therapists

The Society Of Sports Therapists
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