Your 9 Steps to Pain-Free

Deeper Assessment Of Your Condition

Physiotherapist Brighton
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    Whole Body Approach – We don’t just focus on the bit that hurts – we uncover the combination of physical factors that have led to your pain.
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    What’s Holding You Back? – If your condition is wholly physical then we’ll focus on just that. However, most conditions, especially long-established ones, have an emotional component. This emotional stress can be held in our bodies physically – compromising movement and increasing pain. At your discretion, we’ll discuss your life stresses to understand what role they might play in your current physical condition.
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    Goals and Expectations – Would you like us to get you fit for competition or just fit enough to get on with your life? Are you looking for a quick fix or a longer term solution?

How We Inspire You To Transform

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    Release The Pain – It’s time to get hands-on, systematically and expertly identifying the areas in your body which are contributing to your pain, providing key learning points for the right long term solution.
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    Relax To Feel Less Pain – We engage all factors, physical and emotional, to help you feel truly relaxed. This calms your nervous system to reduce pain throughout your body.
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    Identify How You Can Best Help Yourself – Based on our assessment, we will provide you with a bespoke set of actions empowering you to continue to transform yourself between sessions. The more engaged and proactive you are here, the better your outcome.

What To Expect After Treatment

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    How Will I Feel? – Better. Different. More positive and confident about your body with a better ‘feel’ and understanding of how to use it now and care for it in the future.
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    How Long Does It Take? – As long as it needs to and as quickly as we are able. We aim for you to walk out feeling appreciably better than when you walked in and this is the case in the majority of sessions, although we cannot guarantee this in all cases.
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    Will You Need Any Ongoing Care? – If you want it and we agree that you will continue to benefit from ongoing treatment, then absolutely. Otherwise, we will watch with pride as you move gracefully off into the sunset. But we are always here to provide ongoing support and advice or for when you next need a tune-up.