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Bloated? Got the runs? Constipated? You may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and could benefit from changing your diet to improve your symptoms. Helen guides clients through evidence-based protocols for the management of IBS, often leading to implementation of the low FODMAP diet. As a registered health care professional Helen can ensure your diet remains nutritionally complete throughout this process, and can link in with the NHS system for tests, diagnoses and prescriptions as necessary.

The low FODMAP diet can appear intimidating:

  • How can you eat healthily when cutting out main food groups and so many fruit and vegetables?
  • How can you keep your diet varied and stop it being boring? How can you eat out?
  • How can you cook for your family?
  • Which probiotics are effective and how should I take them?
  • And how can you reintroduce foods for realistic long-term symptom management?

Helen can address all of these questions by creating bespoke diet plans, providing professional literature, and pointing you to the best online resources to support your management of IBS symptoms.

Contact Helen for an appointment on 07779 021767 or e-mail her at helen@nomnomnerd.com


This process has been pretty amazing for me in lots of ways and I’m really glad I did it. I never really used to think there was any joy in food, just fear, but now I see a little bit what people have been talking about all this time. Thank you!

Cat, Brighton UK

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