Helen Phadnis sports nutritionist

Helen’s passion for sports nutrition began whilst rowing at an international level in her teenage years. The power of nutrition enhancing performance was clear, and Helen was inspired to embark on a career in dietetics and a post-grad qualification in Sports and Exercise Nutrition. Helen now provides private sports nutrition counseling for elite junior athletes as well as everyday gym goers in Brighton.

Looking for sports nutrition advice in Brighton?
Look no further.

Services include:

  • Training-linked sports nutrition diet plans: It’s not just what you eat, but when you eat it that can make the difference between dead legs during a training session, and having that extra bit of energy to push yourself harder for longer.
  • ‘Making weight’: Trying to train and compete at your highest level whilst fitting into a weight category can take its toll on your diet, your body and your relationship with food. Done in a planned controlled way you can train at your highest level AND make weight for competition without compromising your health.
  • Race-day nutrition: Don’t let all your hard work training go to waste by fuelling insufficiently before and during race-day. Proper sports nutrition planning and preparation will help you compliment your race with the best nutrition.
  • Supplements advice: Make an informed decision on your supplement intake before you cause too much damage to your wallet. Avoid harmful supplements, and stick to only those with a proven benefit.

Contact Helen for an appointment on 07779 021767 or e-mail her at helen@nomnomnerd.com

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Brighton Sports Nutrition

I ran a massive PB in a 10 mile race this morning .. on porridge & sports drink AND despite forgetting to take any imodium, had no attack at all!! Hopefully a sign of things to come, all thanks to your advice ☺

Cat, Brighton