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The environment we live in today has made it increasingly difficult for us to maintain a healthy weight. Helen has counseled clients towards healthy long-term weight loss through focusing on what you can eat rather than what you can’t, and looking at the full nutrition picture including micronutrient intake in particular (vitamins and minerals) rather than just macro’s (carbs, protein, fats).

Once weight loss per se is taken away as the main goal this provides a release to focus on what really needs addressing in your diet. Do you suffer from sugar cravings and disturbed sleep? Maybe you suffer from depression and anxiety? Is it actually your abdominal fat that you would like to reduce? When addressing these symptoms individually rather than aiming for weight loss you will become free of the need to check what the scales say and eat for health and enjoyment.

Contact Helen for an appointment on 07779 021767 or e-mail her at helen@nomnomnerd.com


I reached my 20kg weight loss goal before my sister’s wedding and all my family noticed a huge difference in the way I look. Thanks so much for all your help and advice.

Laura, Hamilton NZ

I went to Helen to improve my diet & reduce my body fat % & to lose about 2-3kg (which could fluctuate up to 7kg at its worst). I used to deal to my weight by starving/dieting periodically .

As a runner I just couldn’t get any improvement no matter how hard I trained & often felt “dead” during runs. Although I was eating small amounts, most of my food was low in nutritional value & including rice crackers & muffins as meals & drinking chocolate milk for a snack. Bad habits also included the 3pm 35g chocolate bar & the evening often involved ice-cream in front of the telly. Pretty scary now that I look back on it!!!

Helen gave me a list of what I should be eating which was rather scary because it included foods I had avoided in the past & there seemed to be large amounts of it. She also gave me information about hydration.

I took on Helen’s advice & give it a crack & lost the weight without “being on a diet”. I eat HEAPS now & after 4 years still have not gained back that 3kg. My running has improved dramatically & my last body fat check at the gym showed me in the bottom of the “lean” range for my age without having lost any muscle which is exactly what I was after.

My sugar addiction has been broken & I no longer crave the 3pm chocolate bar (or ice-cream!). I feel satisfied & eat whenever I’m hungry based on the information Helen gave me.

Other spin-offs include my skin has improved (it used to be very dry & rough & aged looking) & it’s been fantastic for my moods-I was on anti-depression medication for years & now I am totally drug free due to the benefits of good nutrition.

Penny, Hamilton NZ

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