Physiotherapy Exercises

Does Exercise Based Physiotherapy Work?

In short yes. But not always. In this article we’ll look to honestly critique what most people assume is physiotherapy. The exercises. We’ll look at when they’re effective, when they’re not and what alternatives there are when the exercises don’t work or problems return when you stop doing the exercises. Before we dive into the…

What Physiotherapy Pain

What Is Pain?

Pain is just stuff that hurts right? Well yes, it’s also so much more than that. It’s actually a much more philosophical question than we might initially think. Years ago we just assumed that pain was there because there was something wrong with the bit that hurt. If I bang my knee my knee hurts…

Couple doing core exercise the plank

Core Exercises: Is There Any Point?!

Core exercise is synonymous with physiotherapy. For many years core exercise has been blamed for all kinds of bodily pain and dysfunction and extolled as the magic panacea of athletic performance. But is this true? Are these claims that magical muscles in our midriff help almost any condition and improve our performance? Our experience at…

Blocks reading Evidenced base practice in relation to physiotherapy

Is There Any Evidence For Evidence Based Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy has long been moving towards higher standards in research and better quality care. Many physiotherapists and sports therapists will only follow what has been proven in randomised controlled trials (RCTs). On the face of it this makes a lot of scientific sense. You don’t want to be doing things until you can be sure…

Radiologist inpects x-ray and MRI for physiotherapist

Can X-Ray Or MRI Hinder Your Physio Treatment?

The invention or firstly x-ray imagining and then MRI imaging has led to huge advances in medicine. It’s applications are far ranging and can help guide your physiotherapy treatment. But are there cases where having an x-ray or MRI diagnosis actually be detrimental to your recovery? You may wonder how this could be possible. However,…

Does Foam Rolling Actually Work

Does Foam Rolling Actually Work?

In this article we question whether the sheer agony of foam rolling is actually worth it! Does the pain pay off and make lasting changes that will solve all of your injury woes and keep you pain free? We’ll be trawling the latest research into the proposed benefits and effects of foam rolling and cross…