I’m a London based Physiotherapist who drives down to Brighton for treatment sessions. Enough said!


Everyone at this physiotherapy clinic is fantastic. I have nothing but praise for these therapists. If you are in need of physiotherapy this is a place you simply must go to.


I only needed 3 sessions to heal my shoulder but the sessions were more than just physio. Mark took a very holistic approach in healing my injury and has changed my whole perception on life, exercise and stress management. The sessions were worth every penny! I highly recommend.


The treatment I have received from the team at Brighton Sports Therapy has completely transformed my view of traditional physiotherapy and opened my eyes to how effective treatment can be if you are willing to take a different approach.


I searched around (prepared to literally travel anywhere) for the best physio I could find and settled on either these guys (based off their reviews) or Harley St, London (based off their prices). I booked both, saw Jamie in Brighton first and politely explained to him that he had a few sessions to convince me I didn’t need to pay through the nose in London.


This is by far the most effective physio treatment I have ever had and what amazed me most is that they barely touched my arms at all, it was tightness in my abdomen muscles that was causing the issue. Really great stuff.


I have a huge level of confidence in the approach to physio that is taken here, looking at the full picture and not just blindly focusing in on the area of the injury in question.