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Marathon training is tough, really tough. Trust me I know. Having completed the 26.2 in 2015 I’ve just entered again for 2018 – well the wife entered me. I left a few minutes out there last time around.

The last thing you or I need is an ache or pain developing into a full on injury which means you can’t get the training you want done and ultimately set up to fail on the big bay… April 15hth 2018. We’re now at the start of another year of planning for the big day. It’s best to get any injuries or niggles sorted before you start doing the big miles.

With our Progressive Sports Therapy we’ve helped Marathon runners like you achieve their goals in years gone by. In fact it was the lovely comments from last years runners that have inspired me, a swimmer, to enter the race in 2015! We always get our marathon runners to the start line in the best possible shape.

“I picked up an IT band knee injury while training for the Brighton marathon this year that prevented me running any more than 5-10k without serious pain.  I’d all but given up hope of running the marathon after trying various things to fix it without success.  I started seeing Brighton Sports Therapy less than 6 weeks before the marathon but I ran the whole thing with no knee pain at all! Amazing stuff & highly recommended!” – BK Brighton Marathon Finisher

The best thing about the way we work is that you can carry on training. We may have to modify things a bit in the short term but our goal is always to keep you working as closely as possible to your planned training schedule to get you ready for the full 26.2!

“As an ultra-runner I approached Brighton Sports Therapy with much trepidation, expecting the usual advice to stop running silly distances and I wouldn’t be complaining of injuries. Instead, I was met with complete acceptance of ‘what I do’ combined with consistent ‘work’ on the source of my injuries/complaints. I couldn’t recommend Brighton Sports Therapy highly enough. It has been a joy to finally run pain-free again.” – AH – Ultra-Runner

If you’d like help with your training to make sure you can not only get round the full 26.2 but make sure you do it in the time that you want please give us call. We’d love to help you like we have so many other runners in the Brighton Marathon in previous years. You can contact us on or mail us at:

If you’re lucky enough to training pain free at the moment here’s our guide on how to stay that way: How To Avoid Running Injury.

If you’d like more information on the Brighton Marathon 2018 click here for the official website. See you on the start line!

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