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Jamie Webb @ Brighton Sports Therapy

Sports Therapist Jamie Webb (qualified 2004) is a self-confessed muscle geek. Jamie is constantly seeking out and researching new ideas and approaches from around the physiotherapy world. He is a true people person having given up a previous life in IT for, among other reasons, more human interaction!

His love of people and his own personal journey has lead him to explore the effect of the mind on all of our injuries. Whether that’s a nasty new one or one that’s been around for years and years. His conclusion? The mind and body are inextricably linked. Where does one start and the other begin?

Jamie describes his treatment as a progressive blend of anything that works. He uses new physiotherapy insight into how the body is truly connected and blends that with a sprinkling of psychology to truly understand why the pain is there. He loves the challenge of helping people to find a way of helping themselves where previously they had no hope.

His ethos is simply to ‘inspire people to make the best of what they have.’ Whether that be an Olympic athlete or helping a granny walk down the road. This desire to inspire has lead him to pursue further qualification in life coaching (watch this space) to further inspire people to fulfill their potential physically and emotionally.

He lives in Kemp Town with his heavily pregnant wife and three year old daughter . Work is his down time! His long awaited book, The Pain Is Not The Problem, is mostly still in his head and evolving all the time.

Jamie is registered and insured as a Sports Therapist with the Society Of Sports Therapists.

Jamie’s Qualifications And Registration

  • Advanced Diploma in Clinical Sports Therapy – 2004

  • Muscle Activation Techniques – Level 1 and 2 – with Physiotherapist Doug Heel – 2011

  • Neurodynamics and The Neuromatrix – Latest Concepts In Pain Science

  • Mulligan Gentle Joint Mobilisation – with Physiotherapist Ed Wilson

  • Spinal, Leg and Arm Mobilisation – with Physiotherapist Professor Graham Smith

  • Fully Active Member Of The Society Of Sports Therapists For 14 years

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