Physiotherapy – 9 Steps to Pain-Free

Are you fed up with pain affecting the quality of your life?

Whether it’s a recent injury or something you’ve had for a long time we understand your frustration.

An inability to live the life we want to leads to increased burden on our physical and mental well-being. We all need to be active to feel good. Whether that is simply walking to the shops or competing in sport.

Fear not! Our 9 Physiotherapy Steps To Get You Pain Free is here to help you take back control of your life.

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What would it mean to you to be pain free?

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What is our 9 Steps Approach To Physiotherapy About?

Our 9-step approach to Physiotherapy is the culmination of 16 years of empowering our clients to get better. It is a holistic, whole-body approach that deeply explores the functional interactions of your body to understand exactly why it is doing that thing that is holding you back.

It goes beyond physiotherapy to incorporate pioneering Myofascial Release, Sports Massage and Alternative Therapy techniques, according to what will work best for you and your condition. Ultimately, it’s about feeling the benefits of our professional lives dedicated to find and nurture the skills that serve our clients best.

Our expert hands on treatment is great for not only easing painful symptoms but also feeling more relaxed. In reducing stress the 9-Steps reduces your sensitivity to pain. And, by also treating the underlying physical cause, provides a doubly effective treatment.

Don’t be put off by the sport in our title. The 9 Steps to Pain-Free are just as effective, if not more so, for those that do little or no exercise. No matter what your level of fitness or severity of injury, our progressive 9 Steps helps you:

  • Remove pain and improve the quality of your life
  • Feel more relaxed and more balanced
  • Re-align your body to improve efficiency and give you more energy
  • Be more aware and confident in your body
Physiotherapists and Sports Therapist Brighton

Are you ready to start your 9 Steps to Pain-Free? Do you want less pain and more movement?