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Brighton Sports Injury Clinic: Get Back To The Sport You Love Quicker And Fitter

At our Brighton Sports Injury Clinic we’ve seen all kinds of injuries from all kinds of sports. This enables us to choose the right treatment and rehab program to get you back to your best quicker than you thought possible. The best time to start is immediately after your injury. This enables you to do the right things from the outset. Meaning you come back quicker and stronger than before.

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“My 16 year old son, who is a swimmer, was suffering an injury and we were introduced to Brighton Sports Therapy. I was amazed how quick the treatment helped him back to full fitness.” – DJ

Disclaimer: The testimonials on this page are the opinion of a few of our clients. Results to treatment cannot be guaranteed. We can guarantee we’ll be doing everything we can get you back to your best ASAP.

We also specialise in long standing injuries that have no specific start point. The injuries that leave you wondering how they started and will they ever go. You may worry you’ll never be able to play again. Thankfully these conditions are normal to us. We can make a simple change to the way you move to immediately improve how your Sports Injury feels. Leaving you to simply enjoy the sport that keeps you sane.

“At Brighton Sports Therapy they always seem to know what’s going on with my body and get it working properly. It’s thanks to Brighton Sports Therapy that I am able to continue to enjoy the sport I love and recover quicker!” – LM

We’ve helped hundreds of people get back to the sport they love. Why not be one of them? We’ve treated lots of people from lots of sports. Over the coming months we’re going to be adding a page for each of the sports below which we’ve helped people with in the past. Where there are links please click your sport to find out more. We’re looking to provide information on how to avoid injury in each sport and provide information about common sports injuries we regularly see. If you don’t see your sport or it is not yet active then drop us a mail to find out more information about how we can help you and your sport injury.