Brighton Sports Massage
Movement And Strength Restored

Google Reviews five stars

Brighton Sports Massage
Movement And Strength Restored

Google Reviews five stars

“I visited BST with ankle pain that was preventing me from running. They soon connected this to on-going knee and hip problems. Their myofascial and sports massage was incredibly effective from my first visit. All my aches and pains have gone, my posture is improved and I’m dealing with the stresses and strains of life far more effectively.”

If you’re looking for a good sports massage therapist in Brighton, you are getting very warm. Sports massage is at the heart of what we do but we’ve taken things further, gone a bit deeper…

Your injury has layers and we have to find them and sensitively treat them one by one. So we take a holistic, whole body perspective which deeply explores the functional interactions of your body to understand exactly why it is doing that thing that is holding you back.

After 17 years of empowering our clients to get better, the sports massage we provide is truly progressive and unique. Employing the latest physiotherapy, movement analysis, muscle activation and myofascial release techniques, we aim to get to the root of that thing which has brought you here and fix it for good.

We are constantly learning and developing what we do as we discover more about how body and mind can affect and influence one another. And so we find ourselves in the business of helping our clients to identify and let go of things that may have been holding them back for years!

Ultimately, it’s about pinpointing the most effective treatment possible to help you find freedom of movement again so you can live your life to the full. And we’ve managed to break it down into 9 simple steps.

Find out more about our 9-Steps To Pain-free

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Brighton Sports Therapy
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 6 reviews
 by Steve

After years of running, my knees were creaking and painful. I assumed that a replacement would be required soon. Jamie took a much more whole body approach, has straightened me up, released fascia and given me exercises to strengthen the muscle around the knees. Result: pain gone, I never take any anti inflammatory meds and can’t recommend him highly enough. Thanks.

 by Elena

I went to the clinic suffering from a very intense pain that suddenly affected my leg/hip during a running session. The pain was to such an extent I could barely stand, walk, or even lift anything. Because of a previous medical condition to my other hip, I needed to pin my hopes on some good hands, and, accordingly to the many enthusiastic reviews, Brighton Sports Therapy seemed to be a cut above. This turned out to be a great choice indeed. I have to admit I was a bit sceptical at the beginning, but a couple of sessions were enough to clear up any doubt. Improvements have been quite impressive from one session to another and within a few months, I have been gradually able to walk and run again with no pain, acquiring a better posture too. Both Sam (for the very first sessions) and Jamie (later on) have shown a very professional approach, explaining the whys and wherefores of their next moves. But what really blew my mind, and positively surprised me, was the attention to the "emotional side of the pain" which came alongside the actual physical therapy. Jamie really highlighted the importance of breathing and how emotions can affect the functionality of the body, something I was aware of, but I had somehow underestimated. As an added value, both Sam and Jamie have been very welcoming, making me feel at ease from the first moment and happy to engage in a friendly conversation while going through the session.

I am really grateful to Jamie for the job done and would definitely go back to his clinic if needed.

 by Dave Mr Bongo

Jamie has pretty much solved all my skeletal problems: I came in with sacroiliac issues, shoulder problems , and a long standing back issue. All of these Jamie sorted out quickly and he has maintained a constant vigil on any acute flare ups.

 by Gillian McIntyre

Wonderful for older people who want to maintain health. After several sessions I can already see the benefit as very long-standing bodily tensions are melting away. I am standing straighter, with less rounded-shoulders. Above all my breathing has improved a lot - I am able to breathe deeper and hold for longer. Excellent for an asthmatic.

 by SM

Chronic pain from a tendon injury and an NHS desire to perform major surgery with life changing implications took me to Jamie and his clinic. The approach has helped me go from a shuffling 3,000 steps a day at best to 5 trips to the gym a week. The focus is on working with what you have and ensuring you leave a session with pain reduced and activity back on your to do list. If you are a wily old cynic like me, do yourself a favour and accept that if the standard route isn’t working then there is another way. I have recommended Jamie to friends and colleagues and I do the same to you.

 by Lucy Mosley

Brilliant team who got me though my marathon training and onto the start line in great shape for my first marathon post baby. I even ran 10 mins faster than I hoped as I was in such great shape and no significant pains in the days after either. They really are miracle workers.

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