Sports Therapy For Your Well-Being

Our progressive Sports Therapy helps you with your injury and your well-being.

We spend so much of our time helping and getting to know all sorts of people that we can’t help but pick up a greater understanding of the human condition. It continually educates and inspires us. And that’s got to be good for our clients.

If you’re reading this you might already have considered the notion of mind and body being intimately and inextricably linked. Where does one end and the other begin? We like to visualize this as a complete circle, with each continually feeding into the other. This shows us the whole person: when we open up physically, we open up emotionally too and vice-versa.

As experienced therapists we have learned that nearly all injuries have physical and emotional components and that addressing both gives you much, much better results.

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It starts with our expertise in the physical, looking at the whole body to find where any stress or trauma is hiding.

Expertly releasing this allows you to shed the physical manifestation of this trauma you no longer require. This reduces your pain, bringing physical release but it also brings emotional release. Having shed the emotional burden, you feel ‘lighter’, leaving you more relaxed and at ease with yourself and the world around you.

There are many established techniques that reflect this whole body approach such as Yoga, Pilates, breath work, kinesiology or indeed those that you’ll find at the cutting edge of physiotherapy. Such established well-being techniques have informed our progressive Sports Therapy from the start and we often recommend them as being complimentary to the work we do. Furthermore, these are things we practice ourselves.

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Though our work undoubtedly brings psychological benefits, we are not Psychologists and we are mindful to stick to our realm of expertise when it comes to emotional release. If we feel that you could benefit from something beyond the gentle emotional nudge that our treatment provides, we have friends who can provide suitable professional support if it’s something you wished to explore.

As this relationship between physical and emotional release becomes more and more central to the work we do, we are increasingly struck by the profound effect it can have on our clients’ lives. Our approach remains the same – to expertly release the physical points of tension throughout the body but the effect of this can be life-changing. In fact, it’s revolutionary! And so, we are calling it the Outside-In Revolution. Too much? It’s very much a working title, so bear with us…

So, if something here is resonating with you, it may be that you’re curious to explore what this Outside-In Revolution can do in your life. We can certainly promise you an interesting journey and that you will be in safe hands all the way.